4 Reasons to Buy Handmade Soaps

The skin is our largest organ so it's very important that we treat it with care. There are several reasons why you should buy handmade soaps over commercial soaps. We've listed our top four reasons below.


Quality Ingredients

The number one difference between handmade soap and commercials soap are the ingredients section on the label. Handmade soaps do not contain any synthetic detergents. All ingredients include natural oils, butters, and additives. Handmade soaps are made through a process called saponification which is a chemical reaction between water, fats/oils, and sodium hydroxide (lye). Commercial soaps contain synthetic detergents and because of that it cannot be called true soap. You will often see names such as beauty bar, moisturizing bar, and cleansing bar.

Handmade with Love

Every soap is handmade with love by the owner. Each time you purchase from a small business, you are supporting a dream and your community. There is an abundance of love and dedication put into making each and every product. From creating the products to preparing the product for shipment, the time and commitment that is put into making these products is to ensure that all customers receive an unforgettable experience with their homemade product.

Glycerin Stays

Glycerin is a humectant which draws in moisture to the skin and plays a huge role in keeping your skin hydrated. Glycerin is a natural by-product of the soap making process. Big name companies remove the glycerin to use in other products (lotions) for higher profit. The glycerin that is removed gets replaced with chemical additives (filler ingredients). This can explain why your skin may feel dry after use of commercial soap. You will not have to worry about sacrificing ingredients in our handmade soaps. The skin is our largest organ, so it’s important to use products with quality ingredients that will nourish the skin. Keep the skin happy and healthy.

Uniqueness in Every Bar

You know the saying “no two snowflakes are alike”? Handmade soaps are similar to snowflakes in a way. When cutting a batch of soap, no two bars are EVER alike. Every product will provide you with a completely different feeling. This is what makes handmade soaps so unique. Every time you purchase handmade soap, the appearance will vary from batch to batch, but the quality remains the same in each bar.


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