Pouring From an Empty Cup

Can't Pour from empty cup

It’s obvious that you can’t literally pour from an empty cup but mentally we often try and we’re left feeling frustrated, lost and unmotivated. You cannot give to others without giving to yourself first. Some may think of it as being selfish but think about this…

Your boss asks you: I need you to do X. 
Your response: Ok working on it now
Your family member asks you: Can you help me with X? 
Your response: Of course I can!
Your friend asks you:  I need your advice on X. 
Your response: What’s going on?
Your customer asks you: Can you make me X product? 
Your response: Yes will work on it this week!


This cycle will continue to repeat until you’re completely unable to give anymore and now you’re drained from helping everyone and too exhausted to do anything for yourself! You may not realize it at first because it's so natural for you to put others first. You did everything you could to make others happy but left no time to make yourself happy. What sense does that make? 

This is exactly what happened to me a few months ago. My cup ran completely EMPTY and I had to take a step back from Cindsational Creation. I was sooooo burned out from giving my all to others and the business. I’m that go-to-person to a lot of people in my life and it’s so natural for me to give to them without even thinking about it… Ask anybody who knows me personally and they’ll tell you the exact same. 

Running Cindsational Creation is so fun, exciting, but can also be quite challenging at times. I took a break early November without any notice to my amazing customer, and it lasted longer than I had anticipated. The break was only supposed to last for a couple weeks to get ready for holiday sales. Well a couple weeks turned into a few weeks and those few weeks turned into a few months. I’d be lying if I said the time away didn’t feel GOOD! My body needed a rest from being on autopilot for so long. It felt so good to come home from work each day and do absolutely nothing business wise. I had products already made and ready to go. I never shut the website down so loyal returning customers continued to order what was in stock, but I stopped sending emails, stopped posting on social media, and declined vending events. I questioned coming back and often wondered what my customers thought of me.  I had lost my mojo for something that I was passionate about. So many reached out to check on me and to ask if there was a future for CC. I truly considered calling it quits. That’s how empty my cup was y’all. 

During my hiatus, I spent time doing things that made me happy. This meant  rekindling friendships that I truly cherish, including exercise back into my daily routine, family time, and most importantly focusing heavily on “me time”. It’s my favorite form of self care. If I don’t set time aside for me, I’m useless. 

So the next time you feel yourself starting to burn out, walk away from whatever it is that you’re doing. It’s okay to take a break or two to focus on you. Take that time to reflect and focus on your next steps. Your health (mentally, physically, and emotionally is more important! It’s ok to tell people no when they ask for your help. Some will call it selfish but I disagree. We have to be selfish at moments for our own health to refill our cup.  Ain't none of us superman out here so stop trying! (mental note to myself). We are all human so know your limits. Your body will appreciate you in the long run for recognizing when you need a break. Forget what people say, take care of you first!


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